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Metislab Oxigene


We have created Sinapsi, an integrated and smart system aimed at several uses: data processing, high-performance and IT-based paging and allocation of data on different kinds of media. The less it takes to page, the more time one has to create, improve and optimise campaigns. We do all this by sharing information directly with the client's database.

We have designed a
revolutionary machine

Sinapsi was born from the partnership between Andersen and Metis Lab Srl. Our know-how integrated with Oxigene has given birth to the most innovative software you have ever tried. You will be able to:

Manage your data: it is based on a new logic of customizable filing, able to interact with any type of database. The information collected from different sources is entered directly in the image file so as to track its history, in various kinds of coding and complex descriptions.

Automatic paging: it fully handles the online paging thanks to a publishing helm and drawing up of drafts, directly via web.

Allocate on different channels: any publishing product, as well as being ready for printing, is available on the web and ready for distribution on new medias for targeted promotions.


Advantages of the System

  • Cutting down on "monkey moments", i.e. copying-and-pasting, by 60% leading to greater cost reduction.
  • Centralized administration of filed data, uniform modifications for several deliveries with redundant information: in other words a major reduction of errors caused by manual operations.
  • Management of separate information between "contents" and "container": the best way to edit data at any time and independently in line with the required output.
  • Data asynchronous management: more users are enabled to work independently and simultaneously on the same publication elements.

In order to design such a great software we have assembled a just as great hardware: an internal Server Farm with dedicated connections and an advanced system based on InDesign Server Enterprise Multicore which offers the possibility to process up to 64 operations at the same time.
The revolutionary machine is ready. Are you ready to hop on for a test ride?

For demo on-site reservations: sinapsi@andersenspa.com