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We have also taken part in what, above all, lives on and represents printing: the book. We studied it, nurtured it, loved it in order to make it grow strong and healthy. Printing and publishing are no longer the problem, what really matters is writing. So feel free to do it!

We left our mark
on thousands of headlines

Digital printing made Publishing the natural next step.
Today we can offer the best and promptest and production, in addition to enhanced circulation, elimination of stocking costs and high quality finished products, to a sector which lives on printing. We have dedicated the same utmost care we give to the manufacturing cycles to the publishing world. We are equipped not just for printing but also for hardcover binding and sewing, plasticising .. we offer the finished product.

We printed over 6000 titles in the last few years, serving many types of publishers: today we can say we are a tried and true publishing reality.

We have finally found a way to "bookmark". Even you.

Book on demand

It is a different way to conceive printing. A new force born from digital printing combined to a new way of publishing.
Its manifestation is a phenomenon enabling anyone who has written a book to have it printed at a very low cost, and most of all, with no need to knock on all doors to make one's dream come true on paper, wrapped in a nice cover.

The latest novelty is numbers: one may choose to print just a limited number of copies, 30 or 40, or just one single edition of a book.

The quality of digital printers makes the difference in terms of timing and delivery in addition to quality, graphical support and care dedicated to the final product.

For writers?
To all writers who want to publish and sell their ideas, or simply print them as gifts for family and friends, always in full compliance with the publishing ethical principles.

For companies?
To all companies wanting to realise last-minute presentations, catalogue drafts, one-time customized communications that they would like to have printed in few top quality copies at the lowest cost and delivered within 24 hours.

For students?
To all students who intend to save notes, works, studies or print their dissertations and all the related materials (tables, drawings, diagrams, folders, analyses etc.).

To teachers?
To all teachers who write every day, get updates, draw up studies and publications...