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The ‘80s: Andersen is established in1981 and consolidates its communication in the Organized Distribution sector and computer graphics becomes part of the work flow. The ‘90s: the human resources department grows from 15 to 50 units, new operational seats are created and Andersen gets stronger and stronger on the OD market. The years 2000s: Digital Printing becomes an active part of production, the operational seat is moved to another location and renewed, the human resources increase from 50 to 100 units and in 2012 the automatic systems set a new standard for data processing
80000+ yearly sheets, 6000 titles printed since 2008, 4000 campaigns per year, 200 customers, 100 employees

Thirty years of Andersen

Our experience is the result of dedication and commitment. A core business based on the communication for all companies of the Organized Distribution network, with the constant development in digital printing and the discovery of a new horizon of growth.
Andersen is a rock-solid company who has dedicated 30 years to a tangible business project.
Marketing, Advertisement, Communication: Andersen's keywords.

The Organized Distribution

Communication is our starting point and the core business of our company. Our installed digital printing machinery base serves 200 clients, releasing 80,000 sheets per year and more than 4000 campaigns. 1 automatic system for 1 integrated processing.
Service, flexibility and reliability in line with the time schedule.
Andersen is a shining beacon for the needs of the Organized Distribution network. We take care of every communication detail and walk the path of growth hand in hand with you.